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Cutting edge learning, proven research-based interventions for PWLD, dyslexia, & people with autism. Respect of the person is the main pillar of our approach.
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At Stepping Stones the core value that drives everything we do, is honouring the people we work with. Life with learning differences has enough challenges, and we constantly strive to ensure that the environment here is safe, warm and engaging.  In fact, we often find that one of the hardest parts of our job is telling our students that they no longer need our services!  Because of that, we maintain contact with many of our students long after they have moved on and don’t need us anymore, and often have surprise visits from former students and parents who want to share updates, milestones or just catch up!

No Tutoring

Traditional tutoring certainly has it’s place, but for most of the students who come to our centre, getting more of what they can’t learn isn’t beneficial instead it is discouraging. School is hard enough: help shouldn’t feel like a punishment!

State of the Art Programs

We offer an array of assessments and state of the art programs that engage our students and target their specific weaknesses. Preparing the brain to learn properly is vital to academic success, and understanding your child’s unique profile is our first order of business.

Lots of Fresh Air & Movement

Children need to MOVE! Weather permitting, our students are given plenty of opportunity to “work” outdoors in our ever-growing play area. When mother-nature has other ideas, we have an indoor swing, trampoline and balance equipment to help us out.

What We Offer
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