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Cutting edge learning, proven research-based interventions for PWLD, dyslexia, & people with autism. Respect of the person is the main pillar of our approach.
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Our passion. Our drive.

Stepping Stones LS was founded with the goal of assisting struggling readers using the most updated knowledge and technology available, and though our scope has broadened, this remains the pillar of our organization and the main reason clients come to see us. No matter how big our projects get, when a student walks out of our centre with a newfound confidence and the ability to face the challenges of school, work, and life with confidence, our hearts grow three sizes.  After working with hundreds of students, chances are Ingrid will still tear up when that “switch” gets turned on and she witnesses a student reading with ease for the first time.

Individualized approach based on the student’s profile

Every new student at our centre will complete a series of assessments which help us understand what may be preventing the assimilation of reading knowledge. Once that is figured out, we will design a program to target the areas of weakness and prepare the brain to absorb reading instruction in an efficient way.

What are the Benefits?

We cannot expect people to learn to read fluently and with comprehension without identifying and addressing the root cause of the problem. Our approach to reading remediation:

  • Allows for shorter sessions and less time at the centre
  • Offers the possibility of working from home
  • Is fun and engaging
  • Targeted programs provide quick results
  • Helps improve co-morbid issues (anxiety, low self-esteem, defiance)

How Long does it Take?

The duration of the program will depend on the student’s individual profile.  On average we work with students for a duration of between 3 and 9 months.

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