Stepping Stones Learning Solutions | About Us
Cutting edge learning, proven research-based interventions for PWLD, dyslexia, & people with autism. Respect of the person is the main pillar of our approach.
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Founder, Reading Remediation Specialist, Professional Speaker

Ingrid Poupart

Ingrid Poupart is the heart and soul of Stepping Stones Learning Solutions. With over 30 years of experience in the field of education, Ingrid is also dyslexic and has dyslexic children which drove her passion for reading remediation, and allows her to connect with students and parents in a truly unique way. On top of being a facilitator for numerous cutting edge programs, Ingrid has produced computer based reading remediation programs, and has developed her own comprehensive approach to working with students with a variety of learning differences.

Brand Manager

Erika MacDonald

Erika has worked with Stepping Stones Learning Solutions since it's very beginnings. With experience in the design and development of brain training and education software, her understanding of the needs of our company and clients are second to none. Prior to her days in branding, Erika worked with children both as a Rhythmic Gymnastics coach, as a camp counsellor and co-ordinator, and as a tutor. Erika has two lively children who benefit from the services Stepping Stones offers, and has first hand experience implementing all of the programs.

Operations Assistant

Phil Spence

Phil Spence is our right-hand man who helps keep things at Stepping Stones running smoothly. Phil is passionate about helping others and doing good in the world, which shows in his work and manner when working with children. His energy and work ethic are invaluable to our team.